I am a farmer and Equine Hoof Care practitioner who is passionate about local food, soil fertility, and horses. I grew up working with horses because my father was a vet and has a passion for riding and working with horses. Later on I decided to go to Farrier School and in that process I found my passion for natural hoof care. I then studied the works of Pete Ramey and mentored under an experienced hoof care provider, Geri White. My practice is focused on helping horse owners improve the health of their horses, through diet, alternative forms of shoeing, and land management. I’m very interested in  permaculture design and, if your interested, I’m available to help integrate permaculture design into our work together to improve the health of your horses.

My chickens are raised partnering with a Berkeley Method of composting, which makes for happy healthy chicken and very high quality compost. During the growing season they are moved around on the landscape, sometimes through the woods or on the grass, depending on the job needing to be done.